Solar window screens aren’t just a luxury in Austin — they’re a necessity. Learn more about the many benefits of solar window screens, installation examples, and more from the experts at Austin Shade Team. Our knowledgable and experienced team is capable of custom solar window screen installation for your Austin home. Check out our blog to stay up to date with all of our posts, and contact us to get set up with your very own Austin solar window screens.

  1. What is the best way to shade my home from the sun?

    My Austin Texas home stays hot, how do I get and keep it cooler? The answer is to shade your windows with solar screens for windows.  To get the sun off of the glass of your windows. To keep your home cool, you absolutely have to keep the sun off of the windows. Solar screens for windows are the nu…Read More

  2. Solar Window Screen Installation: Crystal Falls Example

    Stucco Fabric Solar Screens in Crystal Falls We performed this Crystal Falls solar window screen installation on August 8, 2017. For this Crystal Falls home, we used our stucco solar screen fabric with champagne frame. This solar window screen installation involved an installation of 16 stucco solar…Read More

  3. Solar Window Screen Installation – Hudson Bend Example

    Hudson Bend Installation for 38 Solar Screens This is a home in Hudson Bend where we installed 38 solar window screens. We put a solar screen on every window for this home. We used the 80 percent solar screen fabric for the front side of the home, the left side of the home, and the right side of the…Read More