1. Two Rollease Acmedia R24 Exterior Clutches

    Manual Sun Shades for Patio, Austin Texas

    What is a manual sun shade for patio? Manual sun shades for the patio are ones that you manually control.  Manual sun shades are either controlled by a pull chain clutch.   You roll my sunshades up and down by that of a pull chain.  A pull chain system that is geared for easy lift.  The mechani…Read More

  2. sun shades for back patio on all openings

    How to keep the sun off of the back patio.

    Shading your back patio with outdoor roller shades. If your back patio is sun stricken, you can use our outdoor patio roller shades to keep the sun out. Outdoor patio roller shades are the answer to shading your back patio.  They are not the answer to providing constant sun shade for your patio.  …Read More