Are The Roller Shades Manually Operated By A Chain Or Motor? ▼

We currently only manufacture roller sun shades that are manually controlled by a pull-chain. We do not offer motorized roller shades.

Can Roller Shades Be Installed And Mounted Outside My Windows? ▼

It is possible, but we don’t recommend doing so for outside a window.That’s what our solar window screens are for. Due to the heavy aluminum bottom, our roller shades could blow against your windows, breaking the glass. To find out more contact us today.

Can I Use Roller Shades In Place Of Blinds? ▼

Yes, you can replace your blinds with our roller sun shades. However, our roller shades don’t offer privacy in the evening, so we do not suggest it. Blinds are the only product out there that will give you evening privacy.

What Is The Difference Between Your Interior Roller Shades And Your Patio Roller Shades? ▼

Our patio sun screens are made with high-grade stainless steel pull chains, whereas our interior shades are not, since they will not have to withstand Mother Nature. Our patio sun screens are made with all exterior non-corrosive materials. Also, our exterior roller shades are made with the same fabric we make our solar window screens out of, which is a very tough, super strong exterior fabric.

Can I Leave My Roller Shades Down At All Times? ▼

Because of unpredictable weather conditions, we suggest that when your roller shade is not in use, you roll it up to eliminate damage from wind.

Roller shade screens are meant for temporary shade, not permanent shade, meaning you roll the shade screens down when you need them, and back up when you do not. If you are looking for permanent shade, that’s where our solar window screens can come in handy.

Can I Clean My Patio Sun Screen? ▼

Yes, of course! You can hire a window washer (we recommend to clean your sun shades for you, or you can use a gentle clear soap and brush clean them. You can even take them down and pressure wash them. They are sturdy and can handle a pressure washer, just remember to use a wide spread nozzle.

Can I Install My Roller Shades Myself? ▼

Yes! We do not ship any of our sun shades, but you may pick up your order at our warehouse to install them yourself. They are easy to install and we provide measure and installation instructions.

What Is The Roller Shade Warranty? ▼

With your roller shade purchase, we offer our 12-month warranty. This does not include personal damage or wind damages due to a sun shade that is left down. Remember, when your shade is not in use, you need to roll it to the closed position. We also offer a two-year repair protection for chains and roller functions.

Can You Match My Roller Shade To My Solar Window Screen Shade? ▼

Certainly. We always match your roller shade to the fabric of that of your solar window screens, ensuring they are made of the same materials and fabric colors.

Can You Make Customized Lengths? ▼

We can make shades shorter, but our outdoor shades can drop as far as 99”. Typically, you will not need your roller shade longer than our standard 82″ length, as we install the shades to sit just above your railing. Roller shades do not need, nor would you want them, to go all the way to your floor. The goal of a roller shade is to give you temporary shade, which generally can be accomplished with an 82″ drop.