We know that you are interested in what our solar window screens offer, so we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions we get. If you find yourself still not sure, contact us today and let us know how we can be of service.

If I Have More Than One Window Mounted Next To Each Other, Will You Mount Just One Screen Or Multiple Screens? ▼

We install a separate solar screen for each window, no matter the size, style, mounting, or type.

In rare occasions, we can make just one solar screen to fit over multiple windows, but that will be determined on an individual basis.

What is the difference between your 90-percent and 80-percent density materials? ▼

Simple. Our 90 percent solar screens offers 10 percent more shading than our 80 percent solar screens.

We suggest that you use the 90-percent density for west-facing windows that get beat by the hot afternoon Austin sun.

We suggest the 80 percent fabric for all other windows, as 80 percent shade is plenty of shade compared to what you currently have, which is zero percentage.

We suggest that you use the 90-percent density for west-facing windows that get beat by the hot afternoon Austin sun.

We suggest the 80 percent fabric for all other windows, as 80 percent shade is plenty of shade compared to what you currently have, which is zero percentage.

Where Can You Install Your Screens? ▼

We work in the following areas: Austin, Pflugerville, Manor, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Hutto, Leander, Georgetown, Bee Caves, Lakeway, Buda, Manchaca, and Kyle. We do service other areas, for a small out of area fee. Please look at our service area map for more details.

Can solar screens be placed on a door? ▼

Absolutely! Pricing for solar screens on doors that swing are the same price as for windows. We can also make a sliding door fitting out of our solar window screen fabric and a pocket for the sliding door to slide behind for $130 each.

The goal of installing both the sliding door screen and the pocket is to completely cover your entire door with sun screen fabric to increase the efficiency and temperature control of your entryways.

What Is The Difference Between Your Solar Screens And Window Tinting? ▼

Window tinting only provides shade from your glass inward into the home.Window tint (film) does nothing for the glass or window itself, and window film does not provide shade for the glass or window. Solar window screens, on the other hand, provide shade for your glass, windows, and the interior of your home.

The solar window screens fit on the outside of your window, between the window and the sun. Window tint is put on the inside pane of your glass, and that inside pane gets much hotter with window film versus not, so window film makes your glass get hotter than if you did not have it. A hot, warmed up window is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve here, which is cooler rooms and a more efficient home.

Do Different Colors Offer More Protection? ▼

No. All five of our color selections offer the same amount of protection. The color strictly adds visual appeal.However, if you are looking to get more protection, you would want to use the 90 percent sun screen fabric.

Can I See Through The Screen From Inside My Home? ▼

Because of the even weave used to create your solar screen, you will be able to see through your windows exceptionally well while the screen still offers daytime privacy when looking inward. Looking through the 80 percent fabric is about the same as looking through your current insect screens, and looking through the 90 percent fabric is slightly a bit grainier, though you surprisingly can see through it to the outside of your home exceptionally well.

Once Mounted, Are The Screens Removable? ▼

Yes, every solar screen is designed for you to be able to remove it for cleaning or other purposes. When you remove them from the likes of vinyl windows, you may want to label them so you know what windows the solar screen goes back up on.

Will The Screens Keep Bugs Out? ▼

Most definitely. In fact, our solar screens are woven much tighter than your average bug screen, making them even more effective. If you currently have insect screens, we will remove them and replace them with your new screens.

Some windows are not made to take new, full-sized solar screens, so the new solar screens have to be surface mounted.

This means sometimes at the bottom of your windows the window will have excessive caulk, silicone or mortar which is not allowing the new screen to sit flush up against the but metal window frame. Nevertheless, we make every attempt to make each and every one of our screens sit as best as we can for the best fit possible for those type of windows.

What Is Done With The Old Screens? ▼

We will take care of disposing of your old screens for you, unless you have relatively new insect screens. In those cases, we suggest that you save them for future use in case you sell your home and the new owner wants them.

Can You Install Solar Screens On My Commercial Building? ▼

Yes, we can install solar screens on commercial buildings. However, if you are not the building owner, make sure you have proper permission before getting solar screens installed.

Also remember that we will not install any solar screens on third-floor windows.

How Are The Screens Cleaned? ▼

If you need to clean your solar screens, you can do so using a detergent of any sort.

We suggest if you have a lighter color and really want to clean your solar screens to look new, you should either hire one of our recommended window washers, or take the solar screens down and scrub them very well and pressure wash them. Darker colors will hide dirt more effectively than the lighter options, so they only would need to be occasionally cleaned more mildly.

Do I Need To Clean My Windows Before You Install My Solar Screens? ▼

You don’t have to by any means, but we do recommend that you get your windows cleaned prior to us installing your solar screens.

Will I Still Feel A Breeze If I Open My Windows? ▼

Yes. The materials used to make your solar screens will let a breeze through so you can still enjoy the fresh air.

Can I Mix Colors? ▼

We do not suggest it; however, the decision will be up to you. You can choose from our five colors, but remember they should match your home’s exterior.

How Much Light Will My Screens Allow Into My Home? ▼

Our screens offer shade, not darkness.

Therefore, you will still get plenty of light, which will just be filtered to increase shade and cool your home.

When you think about our solar screens, don’t think about being inside a cave; that’s not at all what you get with our screens.

While one might think that by putting up 90 percent shade screens, the home will decrease in light by 90 percent, that’s not remotely the case.

Instead, with a 90 percent shade screen you are providing 90 percent shade for your glass from the sun’s rays. You are NOT eliminating 90 percent of the inbound light.

A comparison to that would be when it’s a cloudy day. That’s what I hear from people ALL the time. Most everyone is pleasantly shocked when I put the solar screens up at how much light still filters through. However, the screens do not make it really dark in the house. Light is very hard to eliminate, but shading from the sun’s harmful rays is not. Don’t get me wrong – yes, it will be darker, as we are providing shade, and that’s the goal – but it won’t make dungeon like dark in the home.

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