Austin TX Texas Solar Screens project installed the Summer of 2018.

For this Austin TX Texas multi-family apartment community, we installed 80% solar screens.  The owner of this multifamily apartment community wanted every window covered.  Every window to have a solar screen.  For every window to be shaded.  So that, every window looked the same.  No windows were left out.  This Austin Texas apartment community looks beautiful wearing my solar sun shade screens.

  • For window shade.
  • Our solar screens are the answer.
  • For a way to hide the interior of the units.
  • Our solar window screens are what you are looking for.
  • For a way to make the multi-family property look consistent.
  • Uniform in appearance.
  • Aesthetically at it’s best.
  • Shade the windows with our 60%, 80% or 90% solar screens.

Shading options for your Austin Texas TX multifamily property.

We can shade your Austin Texas mutlifamily property with different levels of shade.  We can shade it with 60%, 80% or 90% shade screens.  As you can see by the picture below, the 90% is the darkest.  The 90% shade screen covers more of the window.  Hides more of the tenents interior belongings.  Hides those blinds.  While the 60% shade screens do not hide very well.  Do not hide the blinds or interior belongings very well.  The 80% shade screens do a good job at concealing.  The 80% shade screens are a bit of a sweet spot.  The pricing is about 3-5% less for 80% versus 90%.  The 80% porovides a good amount of shade for the windows.  And, the 80% provides a good amount of concealment for the windows.

All solar window screens for multifamily apartment properties get secured very well.

We want to make sure the solar screens stay attached well.

  1. We do not want tenants knocking the screens out
  2. We do not want minor storm damage impacting the screens. (everything is susceptible to strong storm damage)
  3. We do not want tenants thinking they can remove the screens.
  4. No more missing screens means a better appearance for your Austin TX apartment property.
  5. The longer the screens stay up, the longer the property will look good.

Small flush mount turn clip used to secure the solar screen to the window.
Small flush mount turn clip used to secure the solar sun shade screen to the window.

How the solar sun shade screens stay secured

If the windows we are attaching our solar sun shade screens to have tracks.  An upper track and a lower track.  We will install the screens with springs.  Springs at the top of the solar window screen.  Then slide the solar window screen into the tracks.  Then, in the middle of the screen, we need to secure it.  We secure it in the middle.  We either tap a couple small screws into the framing to hold it.  Or, we install small turn clips to hold the screen.  Either way is City of Austin Fire Marshall or Travis County Fire Marshall egress approved method of securing.  Now, as we know with tenants, they like to think the unit they live is theirs.  That they own it and can do what they want.  Like, remove our solar screens.  They can remove them if they disengage the turn clips.  Or, they can physically push the screens out.  Which is a shame, as they will damage the screen doing so.  Never the less, they are tenants, and some tenants will do so as we know.

For more answers to questions, take a look at our solar window screens F&Q page.  We have quite a few great questions and answers posted there to help educate.

Even windows under the patios (walkways) get window shade screens.

This Austin Texas multi-family apartment owner wanted all windows shaded.  They wanted every window to have an Austin TX made solar screen.  They wanted this multi-family property to be uniform looking in appearance.

Putting a solar screen on all the windows looks great.

We have done plenty of solar screen Austin TX apartment projects where the owners did not put sun shade screens on all the windows.  They had us just put them on the obvious exterior windows.  Like, we did not put them on the back of the apartments.  Or, in the hallways of the apartments.  This helps to keep the cost down.  But to me, it just does not look great.  To me, all the windows should be covered.  All the windows should get a shade screen.  The property should look consistent all the way around.  Not patched.

The front side of this Austin Texas Apartment community.

You may be shocked at how inexpensive our installed solar screen pricing can be.  For mutifamily communities, our pricing is discounted to reflect quantity.  And, assembly pricing is different.  As we traditionally for apartments do not have to make a wide range of sizes.  We can bulk manufacturer the same size in large quantities.  This is a considerable cost savings.  Then, we don’t have to drive from one job to the next when installing an apartment community.  We save on all that driving. And tool loading an unloading time.  All these savings are reflected within our pricing.

Central Austin Texas Multi Family Apartment community.

We do apartment solar screens for multifamily properties all over Austin.

Check out our service area.

The black fabric for these solar screens looks good.

Looks great highlighted by that black handrail.  And accentuates the white wall color.  The black solar screen fabric is a great contrast against that white wall color.  Look how clean this all looks.  Everything looks nice a clean.  You can’t see the blinds.  You can’t see anything of the tenants.  You can’t see past the solar window screens.

We have different fabric color options.

The solar shade screen fabric colors we have available are.

  • Black (available in 60%, 80% & 90%)
  • Dark Brown (available in 80% & 90%)
  • Light Brown (available in 80% & 90%)
  • Light Grey (available in 80% & 90%)
  • White / Beige (available in 80% & 90%)
  • Beige (available in 80% & 90%)

The darker colored fabrics are ideal.  The darker fabric colors do not show dirt.  Over time, the lighter colored fabrics can look dirty.  We highly recommend using a darker colored fabric for Austin TX apartment communities.   To see windows wearing our different colors, take a look at our solar window screen gallery of pictures.

In the picture above see how we put a solar window screen above the a/c unit?  Above that window mount a/c unit?  We made the screen shorter to fit that area.  We can do it this way.  Or, we can give you the full sized screen so that when the tenant vacates that unit, you have the screen to put up.  When the tenant leaves and removes their a/c unit, you will have a screen to put in its place.  For this property, the owners did not want to leave any windows not-covered.  So we made and installed one for this window.

We also make interior Roller Shades for Apartments.

Austin TX Roller Shade (window shade) manufacturer.
Austin TX Roller Shade (window shade) manufacturer.

For Austin TX apartments (multi-family housing properties) we manufacturer and install interior roller shades.  We can make light filtering interior roller shades.  Or we can manufacturer and install room darkening interior roller shades.  Light filtering lets light in.  Filters the light up to 99%.  Room darkening cuts out the light.  The room darkening fabric is a 100% shade fabric.  It is used to eliminate light from getting in.  Here at our roller shade gallery, we have pictures showing some of our roller shades.  And, to learn more about the roller shades, we have posted some good roller shade Q&A’s that might help you better understand our product.  We as well have roller shade pricing examples posted to take a look at.  So, you can get a feel for our installed pricing.

These Austin Texas apartments wearing our solar screens hide the inside of the units well.

No more looking at messy rooms.  No more walking past windows with half-open blinds when showing a unit.  Now, this Austin apartment community looks the same.  All the windows look the same.  All the windows are 80% black.  You do not see the tenant’s blinds any longer.  Nor do you pass by a unit with open blinds when you show a unit.  Now, when the prospective tenant drives up to the property, they will want to get out of the car.  The property won’t look junky with half-cocked blinds.  And stickers on the windows.  And everything else you can see inside of a unit.  All of that will be covered.  And, the property will look tidy and organized.

 2018 Front side of Spanish Trails Austin Texas apartments.