Our roller shade screens are made here in town, as we make and install all of our sun shades locally in Austin. As the customer, you stand to benefit from our low pricing by buying them direct from the manufacturer, which happens to be the Austin Shade Team. Contact us today to learn more.

What’s a range of cost for the roller shade screens?

Our patio sun shades and roller shade screens are priced based on a few discountable factors, the first being quantity.

The pricing decreases by 7.5 percent when you buy 2-4 sun shades, then to 15 percent for 5-10 sun shades, and finally 22.5 percent for 11 or more suns shades.

The interior roller shade are cheaper than the exterior roll shades, and the $125 installation cost is waived if you are getting roller shade screens and solar window screens, or if you get 4 or more of the roller sun shade screens.  

For an example, one, 48″ roller shade screen for the exterior of your patio or house is $187, and for the interior it would be $159.  For that same 48″ roll shade screen, if you are getting a combination of 5 or more roller shade screens, the cost will be $159 for each exterior and $147 for each interior.

What does your Quantity Discounted Pricing mean?

Our roller shade screens are priced as a “Quantity 1”, “Quantity 2-4” (save 7.5%), “Quantity 5-10” (save 15%), and “Quantity 11+” (save 22.5%).  The pricing drops considerably with the more roller sun shades you purchase for your home.

To get better quantity discounted pricing for the roller shade screens, can I combine sizes, or do they all need to be the same size?

Absolutely, you can combine sizes. Our discounts are based on quantity of any size of roller sun shade.  The pricing is all based on a combined quantity.

Do you do small installations of just one roller shade screen?

Yes, we handle projects of all sizes, whether you need just one roller sun shade installed, enough for your entire patio, or all of the commercial windows of your property.

Pricing is discounted based on quantity, so the more roller shades you get, the better the pricing is. Our installation rate is a flat $125, which covers the measure trip and the installation trip. This $125 fee covers any quantity of roller shades, and we waive this cost if your purchase 4 or more roller shade screens, or if a roller shade screen order accompanies a solar window screen order.

Do I need to be present when you come to measure?

Only if it is for a commercial property whereby we need to gain access to the inside of the building.  For a home patio sun shade project, you do not need to be home when we come to measure or install your patio roller shade screens.  

However, if you need roller shade screens for the interior of a property, then yes we will need to coordinate access into the property.

I don’t know what colors I want, will you help me?

Absolutely, we will help you choose the right color for your patio sun screens.

We’re really good at picking out colors, so if you don’t know ahead of time what colors you want, we by all means can and will assist you.  

If you’re at home, we’ll show the different color samples to you, and If you aren’t home when we come by we will leave behind a recommendation sheet telling you which colors we recommend in order of preference along with samples.

Can you help me determine where we need the roller shade screens?

Yes, we are more than happy to work with you to determine where your roller shade screens should be installed.

Can roller shade screens be placed on an interior commercial door?

We are not the biggest fans of putting the roller shade screens on doors, as they get bounced around a lot from the door opening and closing.

Nevertheless, if you want it done we can do it for you only under the understanding that it’s not ideal, and because the door is a moving component, you have to expect some sort of issue as time goes on.

Where can you install your solar screens?

We service in the following areas: Pflugerville, Austin, Manor, Hutto, Round Rock, Leander, Cedar Park, Bee Caves, Georgetown,  Lakeway, Manchaca, Buda, and Kyle. Learn more about our service areas.

We do service other areas, for a small out of area fee. See our service area map to learn more.

Can you install roller shade screens on the windows of my commercial building?

Yes. This is a big part of our business, and while we do make exterior patio roller shade screens, most of our installations are interior commercial roll shade screens.

Do you also do retractable screens for patio doors?

No, that’s an entirely different product line that we do not offer.

Why is your pricing lower than your competitors?

Well, because we manufacture and install our custom sun shades. We make all of our own roller shade screens, so when you buy from us you’re buying direct, therefore you get the best possible price.