What is a manual sun shade for patio?

Manual sun shades for the patio are ones that you manually control.  Manual sun shades are either controlled by a pull chain clutch.   You roll my sunshades up and down by that of a pull chain.  A pull chain system that is geared for easy lift.  The mechanical advantage created from the bead chain to pully ratio makes the pull force to lift the shade considerably less than the weight of the shade.

Outdoor blinds for porch and patios
An outdoor blinds installation I did in 2021 for a South Austin customer.

Gallery of outdoor patio shade installations

How does a manual outdoor patio sun shade work?

As shown by the picture below, those are outdoor sun shade clutches.  The sunshade clutch is geared to roll down and up the shade by pulling on the chain.  Pull the chain one direction for the shade to go down.  Pull the other direction for the shade to then go up.  There are pins and springs inside the clutch that will keep the shade from rolling down on its own.  This is VERY important as you do not want the force from the wind to pull the fabric off of the tube.  The roll shade WILL stop when you stop pulling on the chain.  This will allow you to stop the shade to the desired height.  The shade will stay at that height because of the geared clutch.

Two Rollease Acmedia R24 Exterior Clutches
Showing two Rollease Acmedia R24 Exterior Clutches with stainless steel pull chain.

Rollease R24 Exterior Clutch


  • Exterior grade,  Stainless steel internal components
  • Maximum shade weight 24lbs
  • Uses #10 Stainless Steel bead chain
  • Manufactured in the USA by Rollease
  • Measurements, Face = 3-9/16 width, 4-1/2″ height
  • Rust-resistant, made for outdoor operation, with stainless springs
  • Fits 1-1/2″ tubes and 2″ and 2-1/2″ with tube adapters
  • 24 notches which are the spaces the chain fits into
  • No adjustments ever needed
  • Ease of pull and smooth uninterrupted lifting
Sunshade clutch and 2-1/2" tube
Showing a R24 clutch with a 1-1/2″ shaft.   The 1-1/2″ shaft then fits into a 2-1/2″ tube adapter.  That 2-1/2″ tube adapter then fits into the 2-1/2″ tube.  The fabric on this tube represents 98″ in length.  Unrolled, that would be 98″ of fabric.

About Rollease, the clutch manufacturer

Rollease has been manufacturing dependable clutches for over 30 years in the US.  They are a market leader when it comes to dependability, reliability, and strength.  Rollease introduced this durable R24 clutch in 1982 and have lead the market with it since.  They made it right the first time and haven’t made any changes to it since.  No other clutch manufacturer has made a product since that compares.  Competitors to date look at the Rollease clutches as the industry standard. This clutch is ideal for handling shades of weight, with a combined fabric and hem weight up to 24lbs.  This R24 clutch will stand up to heavy use for years to come.  The unique and proprietary multi-spring design within the clutch is the reason for a smooth pull and ease of operation.  The clutch never needs adjusting.

Do your outdoor patio shades keep the bugs out?

My outdoor patio roller shades DO NOT keep the bugs out.  My patio shades are strictly for sun shade protection.  If you need a system to keep the bugs out, you will want a system with tracks.  For a system with tracks, the shades will slide into the tracks by way of a zipper.  The zipper is glued to the legs of the fabric and runs between the tracks.  For a system to keep the bugs out you will want to use a zippertrack system.

Austin TX porch blinds and shades
My porch blinds are not the type that will help you with bugs.

How easy is it to roll up a manual outdoor roller shade?

The roller shade clutch is geared so that pulling up an outdoor roller shade is easy.  The pull chain ratio is geared for easily raising the roll shade.  The pull force to raise the roller shade is significantly less than the weight of the outdoor sunshade.

Rolling up a manual outdoor roller shade.
This is what the hardware looks like to roll up a manual outdoor roller shade

Outdoor roller shade screen FAQs

What is pricing like for outdoor porch shades?

I installed these 6 Brown 97% fabric manual outdoor roller shades in 2021 for this Pflugerville TX house for only $2500.  I shaded his entire patio with 6 outdoor roller shades for only $2500.

6 outdoor roller shades in Pflugerville TX
Installed 6 manual outdoor roller shades in 2021 for this Pflugerville TX home. The installed cost was $2500

Roller shades are for patio sun shade, to get interior sun shade for inside the home you will want to use solar screens, which are made to fit over the windows.

In 2021 I installed these two outdoor patio shades out in Lakeway for only $1100.

$1100 outdoor patio shade install in Lakeway
Installed these 2 Lakeway outdoor patio shades in 2021 for $1100.

Austin TX patio sun shade pricing examples

In 2021 out in Belterra I installed these two outdoor shades for only $1200.

West Austin $1200 outdoor shade for porch installation.
I did this West Austin outdoor shades for porch installation in 2021  for $1200.

To shade your windows, you will want to use solar screens for windows.

As of 2021 this Round Rock Texas home’s back patio is now shaded with my outdoor solar shades.  The total cost for this project was $882

Two outdoor solar shades for patio Round Rock $882I installed these two Round Rock outdoor solar shades in 2021 for $882