See the videos below for how we install our Solar Window Screens in windows which were made to hold a full-size screen:

Question : Are my windows made to accommodate full size screens that allow for a pop-in installation ? What does a window look like up-close that allows for a pop-in solar screen installation. What do the lip provisions look like ?

& Answer : Some windows are designed to accommodate full size screens. We carefully manufacturer our solar screens for these type of windows to fit snug and tightly within a 1/16th of an inch of the given opening. This ensures a tight and snug fit. A screen that fits loosely can easily come out during a windy occasion. Not ours, our screens ALL fit very well. We carefully and methodically measure every single window to get precise, tight, measurements for each of your windows. If your windows are made to accommodate full size screens, they will have a lip provision at the top and bottom of the window just like the pictures below that illustrate what a lip provision looks like on a window. . The above videos explain how we pop-in install our screens in to these type of windows.

The videos below show how we install our Solar Window Screens on windows with our Die Cast Metal Clips:

Question : What do the die cast metal Mounting Clips look like ? Do you have a close-up picture ? When will these type of clips be used, under what kind of installations ?

& Answer : We use our die cast metal Mounting Clips to hold a solar screen against an aluminum window’s frame when the aluminum window does not allow for a pop-in installation (pop-in installation = when a window has a lip provision at the top and bottom of the window’s frame to accommodate a full size screen). We have powder coated all of our metal clips to match the color of the framing that will be used for your new solar screens. If we use a tan frame for your solar screens, we will use our tan powder coated mounting clips. Many installers will use much cheaper plastic mounting clips, but BEWARE, as plastic mounting clips will definitely become brittle and break being subjected to our Texas Sun and Heat over time. We only use die cast METAL clips for our surface mounted installations.

The video below explains how we direct sew our Solar Window Screens on to Vinyl Windows:

Question : How do you install a solar screen on windows that are made from vinyl? If my window is made of vinyl and does not have the lip provisions, how would you install the solar screens on them?

& Answer : We install our solar screens to vinyl windows by direct screwing the frame of the solar screen to the vinyl window’s outside frame. You can not use the above die cast metal clips, as you can not torque the clips down tight enough to hold the clip in place over an extended period of time. Clips will eventually come loose screwed into vinyl. Installers from other companies may recommend double sided tape or even industrial velcro, these are bad ideas, for longevity these kind of mounting methods will not work. By simply screwing the screens as shown by the above video, you can be assured that the screens will stay on your windows and you can easily remove them when wanted. Because it is vinyl, to error on the side of caution, I would suggest that you loosen the screws by hand with a hand-held 1/4″ nut driver, and not by a high-powered drill when you want to remove the screens.

Installation of three solar screens surface mounted on the entry windows of this house.

Installation of a solar screen that easily pops in to an arched window. This window has lips at the top and the bottom to accommodate a pop-in solar screen.

Installation of two solar screens in a recessed pocket of mortar and stone using the die-cast metal Mounting Clips.

Installation of a solar screen on a horizontal slide window that requires surface mounting.

Illustration of a Commercial / Business installation.

Interview after the installation of solar screens on this commercial building.